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~:Lendyl + Infrequent:~ by RileysLilStar
~:Lendyl + Infrequent:~
Drawing for my two maple friends, Lendyl and Infrequent (Ashley) c:

Ignore the background I had no idea what I was going.
~:Waltz and Boon:~ by RileysLilStar
~:Waltz and Boon:~

Ahem. They're also my parents. (:

Night by RileysLilStar
:star: IM ALIVE YES I AM. I just draw but never upload -w-..

I guess this is Riley.. walking? I dunno .-. it's just the night sky
Riley's POV~

I woke up the next morning early. When I tried to get up, I felt a warm feeling against my back along with something wrapped around my waist. I turned my head to see Austin, sleeping next to me with his arms around me and his tail wrapped around my legs in a protective manner. Part of me wanted to punch him right in the face, the other part didn't because he was too damn cute. This was a moment to savor and remember it forever and ever. I took his arms off carefully so that I can slip out of his grasp and get my phone to take a picture. I should send this to everyone, I could have easily pranked him but why must I be nice?

"You have a habit of staring Ri." I jumped at a voice that spoke.

"Issac, you scared me."

"I know." He smirked. "You should have seen him this morning, he tucked you in and wiped a tear that happened to slip from your eyes. All the mushy stuff."

"Well, good for him. He can try to win me over with a display of affections, but he has a girlfriend already."

Issac's head snapped towards me and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out. "What?!"

"Yeah, they were talking when I went upstairs."

"This fucking asshole. Why, I oughta slit his throat in his sleep."

"You will not." I said strictly which caused a surge of energy to go through his body.

"Agh.. You know how much I dislike when you use sacred word binding without a warning."

"It shouldn't be a warning." I put on my ball-like gown.

"Where are you going?" Issac asked me.

"Where does it look like I'm going?"

"The chao shrine?"

I nodded. "Stay here okay?"

"I have to accompany you."

"No you don't, I'll be fine on my own. Besides, I'll be meeting Hiroki at the shrine."


Issac doesn't really like Hiroki so much. Hiroki is my 2nd familiar, he came to me 4 years ago. He became my familiar when I was in danger and Issac was unable to come to me since he was held prisoner by a dark being. I was on my way to retrieve him when I was attacked by a former goddess. Hiroki was summoned to protect me by a priestess but he didn't say who. Issac thought he was a complete phony, he has the ability of a dragon or so he says but I've never seen it in action before.

"I do not entrust your safety with a snake. Especially since you're half crippled."

"He's part dragon mind you." I put on the sash and made my way to the door. "And don't worry about me, I'll be fine..."

"Wake him up when I'm fully out of sight please."

Issac grumbled. "Fine..." I smiled and left.

Issac's POV~

Damnit Riley.. Leaving me in charge with this imbecile.  

"Wake up." I said right in his ear. He didn't budge. "WAKE UP!" Nothing. He's a heavy sleeper. Hm... "Riley put your clothes back on."

"Huh?!" He sprung awake and looked around.

"You pervert." I rolled my eyes.

"Where's Riley?" He said in a panic.

"She went out."

"....she went out without clothes on?"

I swear this kid. "No! That was just so you would wake up."

He groaned and rolled back to bed, pulling the covers over him.

"Get up." I said.


"Get up Austin."

"Why should I?"

"Because it's morning and I say so."

"Well then no, it's still nighttime in my world."

I growled. I was in no mood to be arguing with him.

"I was hoping that Riley would still be here when I woke up." He said under the covers. "I wanted to apologize."

"I doubt she would accept it. You move fast for someone who's been in love with her since you were a baby."

"What do you mean?"

"Riley mentioned something along the lines of you having another girlfriend already."

"Oh., yeah that's not true. I got a friend to play at being my girlfriend to get back at Riley for what she did."

You must be fucking joking. "So... You told a friend to pretend to be your girlfriend just to fuck with Riley's emotions and get even with her?"

"...if you put it that way then sure?"

Next thing I knew, my hand grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall. "You cannot mess with her emotions like that, you sad excuse of a man. If you really did love her then you would stay by her side and not worry about getting 'even' with her."

He looked at me with frightened eyes, I'm acting out against my mistresses actions again. No matter, she's not here at the moment and there's no need for her to know what occurred.

"ISSAACCC!!" A loud voice strung my ears and my hands were bounded. Damn it.

"What are you doing?!" My mistress yelled as I kneeled before her. My eyes looked at Austin, he was very surprised at my hands jerking away from his shirt collar and then bound on my knees in front of Riley.

"I leave for a minute and come back because I forgot my inhibitor rings and I see you doing that?!" She scolded. I sat there with my head looking down at my lap.

"Um.. Should I go...?" Austin asked as he tried to slip away.

I growled at him which caused him to slightly whimper.

"Issac..." I heard her voice, in a warning tone.

"Riley.." Austin looked at her. I looked her to see her avoid his gaze. Good girl.

"I came here for something, I do not intend to stand here and listen to you talk." She slightly limped past him, then walk out again. I was finally able to lift my head back up and stand up.

"What the hell was that?" Austin asked me.


"You got on your knees and bowed down when she yelled your name."

"Oh, it's none of your business." I turned my back to him. "Some things are left to be unsaid."


When Riley left the perimeter of the house, she sighed to herself and shook her head.

'That Issac, he makes me wonder what the hell he does when I'm not present.' She continued walking. After a half hour of walking, she reached her destination. She looked around before entering into a hidden gap behind trees and bushes.

"Welcome home my lady." Greeted her familiar. He beamed with joy as he was surrounded by chao children and welcomed his lady.

"Hello Hiroki." She smiled. "I can only stay for a while then I must go back before anyone realizes I'm missing."

"A while is all the children need." He picked one up. "Some of them have grown ill and will soon reincarnate. However, they are those who are ready to do so but want your assistance."

"I understand that." Riley walked through the many chaos that were surrounding her long dress, for them it was like every step she took, a ray of light lit up the ground wherever she walked.

"Has Starlace arrived well?"

"Yes she did, I greeted her by the entrance." Hiroki led her to a circle where few chaos are seated. "This is the bunch that are ready of reincarnation."

Riley smiled gracefully at all of them and nodded her approval, as well as give a gesture of encouragement. One by one, a bubble formed around each chao slowly becoming denser and denser to where the chao inside isn't visible.

"So how is your break so far?" Her familiar asked.

"Good." She answered plainly.

"....that was a plain answer. Let's try that again. How is your break so far?"


"What has that bastard of a wolf done to you?" He growled.

"Nothing, it isn't him. And don't talk that way about him."

"My apologies."

"It's his cousin."

"Issac has a cousin? I haven't gotten the slightest idea of his existence."

"Not really his cousin, he just plays as a cousin. Anyways, he's a big..." She paused herself when she was close to cursing. Her children were around her dress and some were out swimming in the lake of rings. "Jerk."

"How so?"

"Well, he's a celebrity. He likes to play with my emotions and it's not a very fun game at all."

"What has Issac done about it?"

"Lecture him and almost try to attack him but I always stop him because I don't want my familiars to be causing harm to anyone." She looked down at her hands which rested on her lap. "Especially Issac."

"Hm." Hiroki sighed. "I know you'd do anything in your power to protect Issac because of his past and such, but sometimes it's good to let go."

"No I can't. If I were to do that, he would killed Austin on the spot and how bad do you think that would look? Especially since, Issac is a royal family friend. So if he were to do that, the media would take it so badly."

The reincarnating Chaos were finished and popped out of their bubble, now stronger than ever. They all went up to Riley and curled up next to her. Riley smiled and petted their little heads.

"What's next to do?"

"Well, there has been faint traces of miasma in the air. I was worried about it, fearing of it getting bigger but I managed to keep it controlled until you came back to clear it."

"Let's get to it then."

Austin's POV~

This house is way too quiet now that Riley isn't here to mess around with. Issac has been giving me looks of death which I'm not scared of. I sighed and held my phone over my face, as if I was hoping to get a text message from Riley or something! I dropped my phone next to me on the bed and curled up into a ball. I don't need to make Riley jealous like that, I need her with me. I heard the door open and then close, I ran out of my room to see if it was Riley and turns out... It was!

"Riley!" I said running down the stairs, almost falling to my death. She was just about to slip off her dress when she stopped and looked at me.

"Uhm.." I rubbed the back of my neck. "Are you okay?" I asked.

She didn't answer me, just walked right past me.

Riley's POV~

I sat down on the couch right next to Issac, ignore every glance that Austin made my way. I could keep this up forever. He scoots over to me and whispers in my ear. "How was your sleep?" Damn, why did I have to tell him that that was one of my biggest weakness to giving in. I didn't answer and I felt his hand slide into mine, entangled his fingers with mine. Before I knew it, there was another hand grabbing Austin's and taking it away from mine.

"Do not touch her." Issac said firmly. Austin retreated his hand back. I dare not react from Issac's sudden outburst.

"Breakfast is ready!" Said mom. Damn, I forgot that my seat is right next to Austin.

Austin's POV~

(I'm sorry, I'm like switching POV every paragraph. There's a reason for it so bare with me.)

I took her hand while we said a prayer. Her hands that were always warm and sometimes sweaty from being nervous are now cold and dry. Isn't she suppose to like me after I told her I was in love with her? What's her deal? She seemed fine when she was singing last night.

"Well, I'm sorry to say but we're gonna leave early since that incident." Riley's dad announced, eyeing at me and Riley. "I don't want anything else happening to either one of me, so pack up as soon as you can and we can head out." I expected as much too... After breakfast, everyone dragged themselves upstairs to start packing. I felt like aurora was punishing us, I'm still in the same room as her. When I entered our room, she already had half of her things packed.

"Nice underwear." I teased trying to start up a conversation or even have the old us arguing back and forth. She didn't answer, nor look at me like she has been for the past 15 hours. Does she hate me? Is she mad? Sad? Jesus Christ, why are girls so confusing sometimes? Girls.... Take a shorter time to pack then guys do. And I thought they're the ones who take longer because Riley was already finished and laying on her bed with her phone.

I sighed, wishing she would at least tell me what's wrong so I can leave her alone about it or even help her. I walked over to her bed and sat down; still no reaction to my actions.

I took my hand and lifted up her chin so she was looking at me. "Tell me what's wrong Riley.." I said. Her eyes, a beautiful green and blue were now a dull shade of green and blue. Usually means she's sad or angry. I leaned in and kissed her. I mean who wouldn't if anyone else knew what her lips tasted like. She hesitated for a minute and then kissed back. So there we were, on her bed, kissing passionately; I cracked my eyes open and saw a little tiny of pink forming on her cheeks. Another weakness to make her forgive me possibly? I'm Austin I have my ways.

"Hey." I heard a voice say. I snapped my head to the door to see Issac standing there. "Someone's at the door for you Austin, and Riley, we're leaving in like 5 minutes." His face did not look so pleasant. His eyes were bubbling with a sight hint of anger. Maybe he knows that I somewhat forced a kiss on Riley.

"Oh, um okay." I said knowing who that someone is. I hate this.
~:Adjustment of A Lifetime: Chapter 39:~
:star: I feel like changing the title of this story o-o

ANTHONY GAVE ME HIS PIANUS (a plastic fish).... HELP
A week later~

Riley's POV~

I woke up due to the sun creeping in through the curtains. I'm still in the hospital, I look over to see Austin sprawled out on the couch with his hand hanging and the other over his forehead and his mouth opening while drooling a bit. I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then I heard a loud knock on the door which made Austin jump up.


I laughed. "Come in!"

The doctor came in with a clipboard. "Alright Princess, you're free to go today. You have to take it easy for a while and also walk on crutches."

"...damn it."

"We don't have any right now, so if there's someone to help you around then that would work the same."

Austin grinned. "I'll help her." Oh no..

"Great, so anything you need or if you have problems, come right back here."

"Okay, thank you doctor." I smiled as he left.

Austin looked at me. "So.. I'm helping you while you're crippled."

"Shut up." I sat up. "I need to get changed so that we can leave this place."

"Oooh..." He said looking at my clothing that Issac brought in last night. "Nice." He held up a pair of my underwear. ...Damn it Issac.

"Gimme my clothes!" I said.

He laughed. "Alright alright, Smiley face underwear."

"Fuck off." I said hopping to the bathroom. So much for Austin helping. I closed the door and pull the stupid hospital gown off, this thing is really annoying sometimes. My foot hurt terribly, I tried so hard to not move it as I changed.

The door opened. "Are you ok-...." Said Austin while I was putting on my bra. We literally stood there frozen while staring at each other. I can't believe I forgot to lock the door....

"....HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO STAND THERE?!" I yelled throwing the hospital gown at him.

He quickly closed the door. I could tell he was grinning from ear to ear from the other side. I finished changing and limped out. I looked at Austin who was avoiding eye contact, I saw a hint of pink on his cheeks.

"Thanks for the help." I said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah." He picked me up bridal style and walked out of the room.

"Not like that!" I laughed.

He set me down on a chair. "Stay there, I'll sign you out."

Austin wheel chaired me out then helped me into his car.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah. I need breakfast or something."

"Alright, we'll stop by at McDonald's."

"Yay!" I smiled. It's been a while since I've had fast food, it's usually been home made meals or we go to fancy restaurants.

"Okay, wait here I'll go and get something for you." He said when we sat down at a table.
"Pancakes!" I yelled out as he walked towards to the cashier.

He gave me a thumbs up and waited in line. I looked at my phone and decided to continue writing my next chapter so that I can post it in a few days or so. Issac does the editing and grammar corrections for me since he's more advanced in that kind of stuff. As I was typing, I didn't realize the guy that was sitting by the window was staring at me. He walked over and sat down on my side of the booth.

"Hi there." He spoke which caused me to jump.

"Oh hi. You scared me." I said.

"Sorry.. I couldn't help but notice your face, it's on a magazine all the time."

"Well.. I am royalty."

"I know that." He chuckled. "Riley right?"

I nodded. "And you are...?"

"I'm Devon." Devon... He's a tall Lynx like Austin, probably... My age maybe? Or older. Black hair and white-blueish hair... His eyes were purple.

"You here by yourself?" He asked me.

"Oh no, I'm here with a friend. He's over there buying food." I pointed to Austin and he shined a smirk.

Austin's POV~

I waited in line for a while. McDonald's employees in the early afternoon are so slow. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see 2 teenage girls.

"Hi there." I said, half knowing that they were either fans or just wanted to ask something.

"H-H-hi..!" One of the two squeaked out. "I'm sorry, I'm just a huge fan of you and I didn't expect to see you here!"

Yep, I knew it. "It's okay." I said. "What's up?"

"D-do you think you can sign this for me?" She held out a hat with the name I call my fans on it.

"Sure." I smiled and took it. I signed it with my emergency secret sharpie and handed it back.

"Next." I heard the lady behind me.

"Hi, can I have the two pancakes meal with hashbrown and two small hot chocolate."
She nodded. "Anything else?"

"That's it." I swiped my card and signed the pad. I waited on the side for my order. I looked back to where Riley was sitting, she was playing on her phone. Probably her anime rhythm game, someone caught my eye though... A guy sitting next to her as he looked impatient. Don't jump to conclusion Austin... He might be sitting there while waiting for someone. I looked away for a second to pick up the order and then when I looked back I saw something that almost made me drop the tray. Riley was about to kiss some random stranger?!

Riley's POV~

As happy as I was playing my tap tap anime game, the guy next to me was tapping his foot as if he was waiting for me to finish. Once I was, he leaned in towards my face; I didn't realize what he was doing until I looked up from my phone. What the fuck...?

"RILEY SALLY AMBERLY ACORN!" I heard a booming voice. I looked to see Austin standing there with a scary expression on his face, he was obviously angry but it looked more like dangerously angry.


"What the fuck are you doing?!" He asked.

"Nothing! I swear!"

"Didn't look like nothing!" Austin looked at Devon while he growled.

"Austin I swear, I just looked up from playing on my phone and he was already in front of my face."

"Dude, you need to chill. She says that you two are friends, always believe what a princess says." Devon tried to calm him down. Worst mistake... Austin growled even more and his eyes were almost black instead of dark blue. I was beginning to get scared as I slowly backed away from him, fearing that he would lash out on me.

"I thought you liked me." He said coldly. "You said you did, and then I turn my back for a minute and I see you about to kiss some other guy?"

"I said I LIKED you, we're not even dating! I can like guys whenever I want."

"You're such a fucking whore..." He scoffed.
I got angry. He has no right to call me that. "Why are you so possessive over me?!"

He slammed the tray on the table, everyone in the room turned their heads to look at us. "You don't get it do you?! Riley, I'm IN LOVE with you! There! I said it! Big secrets out! Now you can kiss that bastard and forget about me. I don't care anymore!"

He's in love with me...? He only said he liked me.. Not in love with me. "Austin I-"

He cut me off. "Save it. I don't even want to hear you speak. It's like I poured my heart out on top of the Ferris wheel that night for nothing; that ring and the dress that I got for you means nothing to you anymore does it?" He stormed out of McDonald's, leaving me alone at the booth with the tray that he slammed down. My heart felt like it was breaking slowly, my stomach felt queasy and I felt super nauseous... I buried my head in my arms and just cried. Everything that happened just now, was replaying in my head... Austin's anger, the hurt in his eyes and his tone of voice. It just hurts so much to know that I did that...

Austin's POV~

Ah... I fucked up again. I yelled at Riley for the most stupid reason, I didn't let her explain to me what actually happened. I slammed the door to the car and banged my head on the steering wheel. I told her that I love her and left, so stupid of me... I can't leave her here by herself. She's crying there because of me, she has cried before because of me, whenever she's sad and often because of me. I couldn't go back instead and bring her out, I caused a bigger scene than I should have; if I were to go back, it'd be weird. She's right, we're not dating, we're just friends and yet I let my jealousy and anger get to me. I really am stupid. It's just so stupid that she just met someone and she was about to kiss him, yet I had to wait almost two fucking months to kiss her. That asshole doesn't deserve her and neither do I. Fuck it... I'm going home. I doubt I was doing the right thing; she's pretty much stranded there with an injured foot. When I got home, a voice literally scared me on how angry it sounded.

"Where's Riley?!" Issac asked me. "She just gave me a call." He grabbed me by my sweater. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

"NOTHING!" I pushed him away. "I did nothing!" That was a lie... I did do something. Do I want to admit it? ...not really? I mean we were both in the wrong.

"Where is she." Growled Issac.

"McDonald's by the hospital."

"I'm going to get her. When I get back, you better fucking apologize and then you stay away from her."

"Alright listen, I didn't do anything! You can blame me for everything that happens to Riley, I don't fucking care; but I'm telling you now, I didn't do anything! I left for a minute and when I came back I found her almost to kiss some other guy that she JUST met."

Issac was taken aback. I don't think he ever expected this from Riley, especially Riley. "I'm going to get her right now. Do not leave this house." He said grabbing the keys and slamming the front door behind him.

I'm angry as all hell. Of course Issac blames me for everything, I'm so sick of getting blamed for whatever happens to Riley. I stomped up the stairs and had a brilliant idea. Two can play at this game Riley, two can play...

Riley's POV~

It started to rain and here I am still, I looked out the window and waited for Issac to pull up in the parking lot. I just want to give him a huge hug and maybe let it out more. I knew I shouldn't have fallen for him but something about him makes me... Feel safe and loved I guess? He said he's in love with me... Those words repeating in my head as I saw the hurt in his eyes; but it wasn't my fault. I just happened to look up right when he leaned in. I saw Issac's car pull up, I was about to limp out but he motioned for me to stay there. The door opened and in he came.

"Are you okay?" He asked me. I nodded silently and he picked me up. My foot hurts like a bitch, I did the opposite of what the doctor told me. I'm stressing myself out by crying and feeling over emotional. Damn it. Issac put me in the car and got in the drivers seat.

He sighed and put his head on the steering wheel. "What happened?" He asked.

"I don't know."

"You obviously do know Riley. Austin told me that you were close to kissing a guy you just met, you're not like that Riley so I want to know what really happened." His voice was strict.

"I honestly don't know. I was playing my anime game, I didn't realize that he was even leaning in to kiss me and when I looked up, he was right in my face. Austin thought that I was really going to kiss him but hell no I'm not."

"That bastard..." He growled. "He should know well enough to not fuck around with you."

"Um.. No he doesn't know. He knew I was royalty and I guess he wanted 5 second fame or something." I sighed.

"Well, he got the opposite of that."

I laughed but when I looked at Issac... He was not laughing at all. I can tell that he was upset with both me and Austin.

"You do know how serious this is right?"


"You were lucky that there weren't any paps around. One picture of that, and it would have caused serious trouble. Especially since you and Austin are all over the papers nowadays, they took that picture and make up even more lies than there already is."

I looked down at my hands in my lap. "You need to start paying attention to who you're with/meet. One move and it's all over unless your parents clear it from the media."

I thought his lecture would go on and on, we finally pulled up to the house where I quickly limped inside and up the stairs. I heard Austin's voice from our room.... Austin... Fucking asshole.
He was laughing. "Hah! That's a good one babe." Who the hell... He's over me already, isn't he? I expected as much coming from a player like him.

"Oh.. I get it, she's home isn't she?" I heard his laptop say.


I walked in the room and avoided looking at him. I didn't want to see him nor even hear his voice. I grabbed my pillow and blanket and left the room slamming the door.

"You gonna be okay?" Issac asked me.
I nodded. "I'll be okay." That is such a lie. I won't be okay at all. I'll probably be a wreck... I put my pillow and blanket in Issac's room and laid down on the extra bed, crying to myself and falling asleep after an hour. When I woke up, it was almost 2 in the morning; I sighed and had a headache. Issac was sleeping soundly in his bed which I found adorable. I quietly got up and left the room. I decided to go in the music room to play piano in order or calm my nerves. I ran my fingers against the keys and began to play.

Austin's POV~

After a call with a friend of mine, who I asked to pretend to be my girlfriend just to get back at Riley, I fell asleep. I was awoken by a very toned and angelic voice coming from the music room, I peeked in to see Riley playing piano and singing.

"Addicted to the love I found. Heavy heart now a weightless cloud. Making time for the ones that count... I'll spend the rest of my time." She sang.

Chills running through my body as my ears took in her voice. I thought it was too late to even be playing piano and singing.

I heard her sigh and rested her head on the keys. She sounded really sad... I feel like a big asshole now. She got up and walked towards me, shit.. I better go and hide before she realizes that I'm watching her. I ran back to our room and slipped into my bed, acting like I was fast asleep. I heard the door open a little and she whispered.

"Night you asshole.." She closed the door and walked to Issac's room.
Adjustment of a Lifetime: Ch. 38

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i know now you're going through a hard time, I just want to say good luck and hope for the best
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