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A little doodle

Sally is preggos with the twins c:
Sonic is holding Riley who is around five years old at the time. She isn't too fond of the crowd that is cheering at the family.

-I fixed sonics leg c: -
Riley's POV~

So Austin apparently claimed the whole left side of this restaurant he's heard of but never tried the food. Charming.
"Well, just how you wanted. No fans, no ex girlfriends, no fake ex girlfriends, no paps just you and me." Austin grinned feeling so proud of himself.
"Aw Austin, you didn't have to rent out the whole left side of the restaurant you know."
"The best for my princess. Plus I want us to become official to the media you know?"
I chuckled. "I'm pretty sure we're already official to the media, that and your fans already want to kill me."
"Trust me, no one is gonna hurt you, not when I'm around."
"Okay, but what about when you go back to... Fame...?" I grew a bit sad.
"Hey, no need to be sad. That's not for four more months. It'll be okay." He pecked my lips and smiled.
"What would you two like this evening?" The waiter asked us.
"I'll have the breakfast burger thing. Well done." Austin said.
"And you miss?"
"Um... I think I'll have the fillet mignon, well done."
He took our order and left.
"So what do you want to talk about?" He grabbed my hands and looked at me.
"I don't know. I'm just afraid for when you go back to being that pop star every girl dreams about."
"They dream about me as we speak."
"....that's creepy."
"...yeah. Anyways, point is just because I'm going back to touring and performing that doesn't mean I'll forget you or go back to my old ways. If I love you, then I would stay how I am now and not change for everything in the world."
My ear twitched. "You changed for me, didn't you? Or so it seems like it."
"I changed because I realized that I'm an asshole and I almost lost the girl I fell in love with by acting like a complete douchebag."
"Ain't that the truth." I muttered.
"I heard that!"  

So for some reason, I wanted coffee after we ate, which was a bad decision because I was on the biggest sugar rush. I don't remember anything when I snapped out of it so let's let Austin explain.

Austin's POV~

Never buy Riley a s'mores frap after dinner. She's on a sugar rush, she's running around like a crazy child and it's just ridiculous because I can't keep up with her.
"Come on austiinn..!"
"Shh! Riley, you're going to cause a scene."
"I don't caree! I'm the princess I can do what I wannttt!" She said.
I rolled my eyes and chuckled. Question is now, how am I suppose to get her back home without her bumping into poles and people? She looks more drunk than she does hyper. Ideaaa.
I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder.
"Aah! Rapist!" She yelled.
"Shh Riley!" People were staring at us and I just gave them a nervous smile. "It's okay, I'm her boyfriend. There's no rapist... Riley shush."
"Put me down!!" She kicked.
"Ow ow! Riley, we have to go home."
We walked the rest of the way home like this. She started singing slur-like, it was funny and adorable.
I opened the front door and the greeting I get was..
"Where have you two been?" Said Issac.
"Out. Would have been back sooner if Riley here didn't get hyper from coffee and start running the OPPOSITE direction." I plopped Riley down on the couch.
"Oof! I'm not hyper! I'm just happy happy happy!" She threw her arms up.
"Riley, are you calm enough for me to speak to you in private?" Issac asked.
"Oh yeah yeah yeah! Of course I am!"
"Well, it's going to have to wait." Issac sighed.
"What's it about?" I asked.
"None of your concern." He said.
"Psh well then."

Thirty minutes later~

Riley fell asleep on the couch. Issac and I were talking when we realized she was passed out. He carried her bridal style up the stairs and let me kiss her goodnight before taking her into her bedroom. I'm quite jealous that Issac gets to sleep with her in the same room. Well, conjoined room but still.


Her room was dark when Issac closed the door. The curtains weren't shut so the moonlight was sprawled into her room. He laid her down and began to undress her.
The duty as a familiar is to insure that his mistress was in a state of comfort, seeing her exposed like she is, isn't a surprise to him. He's been dressing her since she was a baby, only when she's passed out in clothing she's been wearing for the whole day; but even after her chest is swollen and her lower half is more curved, it has no effect on him. Dressed in her nightgown, he tucked her in and laid beside her; half hoping she would wake up. He stroked her hair and ears, making them twitch to his touch.
"Mng.." She groaned. Her eyes cracked open to face her familiar.
"Shh... Sorry if I woke you. I wanted to tell you something."
"What is it?" She rubbed her eyes and yawned.
"I'm going to be gone for a few days..."
"What do you mean gone?"
"I have to leave just for a few days Riley, on familiar business. It has nothing to do with you I promise."
Her ears dropped down in sadness. "Oh..."
"I'll be back. You knew that it was going to happen sooner or later."
"Yeah but I didn't think it was going to be this soon."
"The few days will go by faster than you realize it."
She sighed. "Fine fine." She cuddled up against him and closed her eyes.
"Riley... My lady, if I may... Make a mark on you?"
"A mark? What for?"
"It isn't visible to anyone besides us two or Hiroki or any supernatural being."
" Okay I guess. Will it hurt?" Riley asked.
"No, well it'll be a slight pinch. It's for your protection, when I come back it'll disappear. Nothing will hurt you while I'm absent."
"Okay then."
Issac hovered over her for a while and then rested his lips on the right side of her neck. Her eyes closed shut as he sucked on her neck and then the 'slight' pinch came up.
"O-ow.. Issac.." She held on to him.
"I know, I'm sorry. I'm almost done, I promise." He apologized. He continued for a minute and then pulled away. There, marked in a slight white glow was his mark. "This will keep away all dark essence. They will see the mark and know that you are mine."
Issac looked at his mistress who was red in the face, he chuckled and poked her cheek.
"Are you alright?" He asked.
She jumped and looked at him. "Yes, I'm okay. Just... You know..."
He smirked. "Oops. Didn't mean to do that." He kissed her forehead. "Well, time for you to sleep."
She whined. "I don't want to sleep. Not after what you just did. I feel like we haven't talked in private in a while." She shrugged. "Maybe it's just me."
"No, it isn't you. Usually we talk until you fall asleep or in the afternoons but since it's the summer and new things have been happening in life; it changes you know?"
"I don't want our relationship to change. I want it always to be like this."
"I don't know about that. If Austin finds out then it's not going to be good."
"It won't be a bad thing if he does find out. He should know that our relationship is stronger than mine and his. If I explained it to him, I'm sure he'll understand."
He looked at her. "I don't think he will understand my relationship with you as a familiar and you as my lady and mistress."
She chuckled. "You wouldn't know that." Riley pulled the covers over herself and closed her eyes.

Austin's POV~

Strumming the guitar is the most I can do for now. It's like one in the morning or so and everyone is asleep. Today felt like a dream, it was really just Riley and I. No one else and I was so happy about that. I need new lyrics, or finish the ones Riley wrote originally. I took out the notebook she was writing in that night we had some tea on the balcony.

'Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes.. But it's the only thing that I know. When it gets hard, you know it gets hard sometimes; it is the only thing that makes us feel alive.'

Hm... This song could be about when I go on tour and have to leave Riley behind. Unless, she chooses to come with me and deal with all the traveling. I hope she does end up deciding to go with me, if I asked her that is... Would she go? I picked up my pencil and began to write another phrase of the song.

'We keep this love in a photograph. We make these memories for ourselves..'

Humming to myself as I write the lyrics, trying to come up with a beat and then the tune to the song or how the lyrics will sound once I start to sing it. I hear a knock on the door. A knock? At this time? And here I thought everyone was asleep.

Issac's POV~

I decided to have a talk with dear ol' Austin. Although sometimes I want to strangle him but sometimes he means well; and since I'm leaving for a few days on personal matters, I need him more than ever to look ever Riley so that she doesn't get into trouble. Knocking on his door, I knew he was up; sensitive ears are useful at times like these. Footsteps approached the door and he opened it.
"Issac? What's wrong? Is Riley okay?"
"If she wasn't okay, I wouldn't be here knocking your door. I would be by her side. I need to speak with you, it can't wait till morning."
"Okay then what is it?"
He sat down on couch in my room and sighed. "I have to leave for a few days. I am unable to watch over Riley while I'm gone, so I'm leaving you in charge of her."
Issac? Asking me to look after Riley? Pfft, like I haven't been doing so already.
"Where are you going?"
"That's none of your business. Riley doesn't know where either so don't bother asking her."
"I wasn't going to."
"Anyways, please look after her."
"Don't have to ask me twice. I've always done so."

Riley's POV~

The next morning, my room felt empty besides me in it. Maybe because Issac left in the morning... I miss him already.
"Riley-chan! You're awake!" A voice said. I turned around to see Hiroki perched on a chair.
"Hiroki? When did you get here?"
"Oh, about an hour ago. I would have woken you up to let you know I was here, but you were so cute sleeping so I sat and watched you. Plus Issac sent me here to watch over you." He smiled.
"I'm surprised he even sent you here. Who's watching the chao shrine?"
"I am. From a distance, the spirits are doing so too."
"Okay then."
"Riley?" Hiroki said turning my head to the side. "What is this?"
"Oh. Issac um.. Marked? Me. To keep evil entities away from me while he's gone."
"He marked you?!"
"Yeah, is... That bad?"
"No..." He turned around. "It isn't." I can tell that he's a bit annoyed from the way he tensed up.
I heard a knock on my door, it opened and Austin walked in.
"Sorry to intrude but um, your parents wan-" he eyed Hiroki. "Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"I asked first."
"No I did!"
"I did!"
"...really." I sighed. "Austin, this is Hiroki. Hiroki, this is Austin."
"Austin? The one who was making your life miserable? That Austin?"
" Yeah?" I mentally killed myself.
"You! How dare you make my lady and mis-"
"Hiroki!" I yelled before he could say anything else. He stopped talking immediately.
"...why is it that when you yell at that both Issac and... Hiroki? Freeze like that?"
"Ehhh.. I don't know? Come on, you said my parents needed me?"
"Oh yeah, they wanted to speak to you in private."
I went downstairs to the living room to see what my parents wanted.

An hour later~

“Ah, Lady Riley! You’re back!” Hiroki said smiling like a little kid.  
“Lady Riley?” Austin questioned.
“Uhm… It’s a little nickname?” I shrugged, giving Hiroki a death glare.  
“What did your parents want?” Austin asked me.
"Just wanted to talk to me about something. I'll tell you.... later maybe. I’m going to get dressed and then the three of us can go out for a walk or something.”
“Sounds good.” Austin smiled. “I’m going to fluff my hair.”
“I swear I feel like I’m the guy in this relationship.”
“What’s that supposed to mean!?”
“Oh nothing…” I giggled.
Adjustment: Ch 46
:star: Watching Attack on Titan with my boyfriend as I upload this c:

I should explain the mark Issac left a bit more but... lazy.
I wonder how many of you are going to think dirty of that scene... hue.
Burn this bitch and get her off of deviantart with me?


She is a fifteen year old girl who is bullying one of my newest friends from instagram dawnkitty101 and it's getting ridiculous.

She steals art, she does not credit original owners, she steals bases and draws all over my friend's good art and bullies her.

Let's all report her together c: and get her immature ass off of deviantart.
Austin's POV~

Riley just popped a question I never want to answer because I know that I would have to lie to her.

"Are you austy-star?" Her eyes looked anxious and angry. I said no once and she asked again.

"Riley, I'm not him."

Her eyes went to normal and she smiled. "Okay."

"Yeah heh.." I just lied to her. I feel so guilty for doing so. "Well I'm going to go talk to Issac for a minute."

"Oh yeah, he's over there swarmed by 12 year olds."

I laughed. "See you around Riley."

I wheeled chaired myself over to Issac, he looked at me and saw my face.

"What's wrong?"


"Girls a moment PLEASE!"

They aww'd and left. "What happened?"

"She asked me if I was austy-star and I lied to her saying that I wasn't. Christ, she misses me Issac, I can't keep lying to her like this."

"You have to. Trust me, I want you to tell her too but you can't. She will hate you, remember what you did."

"What did I do? Besides leave her."

"You'll figure it out one way or another."

A few more hours later~

The party is over. Oh my god I'm so happy. It was getting a bit annoying, I don't know how Riley was dealing with it but seriously. My ears are ringing from the high pitched screaming.

"Thank you so much for coming Riley." Her aunt Cara said to her.

"Glad I could be here." She smiled tiredly.

"Thank you for the best birthday ever!" Laylia hugged me and then Riley.

We walked to the car where Issac was waiting for us.

"Welp, that was fun." Riley said.

"...that was annoying." Issac sighed.

"Yeah it was." We all said.

"So hospital?" Riley asked.

"Hell yeah. Gotta bring cripple back."

"Hey! I'm not crippled." I folded my arms.

"Yeah you are. I can't believe you made a nurse bring you to the party." Riley looked at me.

"Well sorrrryyyy."

"Hmph." Said Issac.

We made it back to the hospital before the doctor even realized I was gone. Thank god. Riley helped me into my hospital bed, Issac signed me back in and then left for a while. He said he was going to come back to take Riley home for the night.

"Thanks babe." I smiled as I got back under the covers.

"You're welcome. I should be thanking you. What you did for Laylia was so nice and she'll probably remember this birthday for a LOONNG time."

"Aw, no biggie really. Besides me being 'crippled' anything for the fans."

"I never told you that she was a fan of yours though." She smirked.

"Natural instinct."

"Well goodnight." She smiled at me and snuggled into my neck. Butterflies gathered in my stomach as her little nose blew on my neck. I found my childhood best friend and crush, no way am I ever letting her go.

Riley's POV~

I woke up to the sound of a door closing. It feels like I'm in a dream... Where I'm back at what's his face... Chance's place of kidnapping. Am I in a dream? I can't feel anything, my body is restrained and I can't move.

"Austin? Issac?" My voice echoes. I am in a dream, my voice echoes when I'm in a dream.

"You'll pay for what that damn wolf did to us." I heard a dark voice say.

"Torture her! Torment her! Do whatever to make her do what you want! Soon, you'll be her master!" Another voice said as if it was the voice of the devil himself. My legs were shaking from fear, I'm so scared; who is this person? Why did he appear in my dreams? Can I wake up?

A person appeared in front of me, his hand reached to touch me and when it did, it was like my whole body was on fire. I screamed until I couldn't, his hand ran through my body, making it burn and burn. Just when I was about to see his face...

"AAHH!!" I screamed, waking up in a fright. Issac jumped from his bed and ran to me.

"My lady! Princess! Are you alright?" He embraced me in his arms. I was back in my room, safe in Issac's arms like the dream was nothing but a nightmare. I began crying and was shaking.

"I-Issac..." I sobbed.

"Shh.. I'm right here don't worry."


Her loyal familiar soothed her for what seemed like hours were only minutes.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Nothing, I just had a terrible nightmare."

"Oh.. It's all over now. As I told you before, nightmares are just a tool evil uses in order to get to you. Never let it interfere with your way of life."

She sniffled and looked at him. "It was just a weird dream. Since Austin brought that psychopath into our lives and decided it would be an amazing idea to use her to make me jealous, it's like she's secretly tormenting me."

"He's an idiot."

"Issac? Can I ask you a serious question?"

"What is it?"

"Is Austin, Austy-star?"

He froze, his heart increasing its pace, wanting to tell the truth but believing that Austin should be the one to tell that fact and not him. He didn't want to lie to his mistress but knowing the outcome of it all and seeing that she just woke up crying, it isn't the right time.

"No." He exhaled. "I don't think he is, why do you ask?"

"Austin reminds me of him a lot. Ever since Austin came into my life, I've been having dreams of austy-star as if he was right there and it's been bugging me... He acts like him, he kind of looks like him in a way and I don't know... Something about him is making me think otherwise..."

"Don't worry too much about it Riley. You know what happens when you DO in fact worry too much. Now, it's time to go back to sleep." He pulled the covers more over her and adjusted the AC.

"I don't want to sleep... I'm not sleepy." she pouted.

"Fine, want to watch one episode of anime and then bed?"

She looked at him and nodded.

Next day in the afternoon~

Austin's POV~

Hehe... Everyone's asleep... Yay... I come home from the hospital, get past security, (they're not used to me 'living' here for the remainder of the summer and two extra months.) and ready to say Hey! But nope guess not.

I'm bored already. Whipping out my phone, I decided to call one of my friends.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey Kate."

"Oh hey Austin, what's up?"

"Nothing just bored. My friends are asleep and I just came back from the hospital. Lovely welcome home."

"Hospital? Why were you at the hospital?"

"Eh just a bit of an accident. I'm alright though."

"Did you break your foot again?"

" it was something else but hey! That wasn't my fault!"

"Oh yeah, it was the floors fault after I told you to not run near the pool."

I mocked her voice. "Hey are you free today?"

"Um yeah I think why?"

"Wanted to know if you want to go out for lunch or something. Friendly outing, play catch up."

"Oh yeah sure. Just let your girlfriend know though."

"How did you.."

"Magazines, news, Twitter... Catching on Austin?"

"Very funny."

"I'll see you later on." She hung up. I put my phone down on the bed and looked up to see.... Riley standing there with her hair wet.

"Oh hey Riley, I didn't know you were awake. Thought everyone was sleeping."

"I was getting the cast removed. Did you just schedule a date with someone?"

"Yeah...? Not a date but more like a-"

"So apparently whoever you're gonna go out with on this lunch date is more important than me and our date."

"Wait what?"

"Forget it Austin. I'm going out." She left the room... Now able to walk properly.

What did she mean by... Oh... Shit. I forgot. Riley and I were going on a proper date since we became a thing. Last time we tried it didn't go so well. Well fuck. I need to cancel that and follow Riley to explain to her. Then again... If I told her I forgot she'd probably flip since that's all she's been talking about with me for a while.

Riley's POV~

Ugh. Austin can go have fun with whoever if he wants, don't care, I'm just sit in my little sitting area in the courtyard by myself. I wonder where my Austin is... Why do I wonder about him so much? I haven't seen him in years and yet his voice, his face, his smile and his touch are coming back to me. I look up to see who's blocking the sun.

"Oh it's you." I said to Austin standing in front of me.

"Can we just talk for a minute?"

"Why should I let you after you pulling that shit?"

"Because I love you and you love me?"

"I don't."

"Pfft, if you didn't you wouldn't be crying over this." He said.

I wiped away at the tears about to fall from my eyes. "See?"

"Ugh fine. Talk." I gave in.

"Okay, first of all, it wasn't a date. It was suppose to be a friendly outing to catch up on things with my friend Kate who I've known for about three years or so. And second, I forgot about our date for a short moment until you came in and reminded me, I'm sorry."

"You forgot? How did you forget? That's all I've been talking about since you asked me to go out to dinner with you. No ex girlfriend, no fake ex girlfriend, no fans, no paparazzi, just me and you."

"I'm an idiot okay!"

"That you are...." I crossed my arms.

"Do you want to be left alone?"


"Fine then." He walked away.

Meh... Tears. I hate this.

Austin's POV~

"Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid!" I told myself while hitting my head against the wall. Made the girl I love cry again because I'm a stupid idiot.

"What is wrong that you have to cause all the racket?" Issac said appearing in front of me... Scaring me.

"Jesus Christ. Why do you do that!"

"Why don't I? Now what's wrong, did you do something to Riley again?" He looked at me angrily.

"Yea- well not really. I just forgot about our date and made plans with a friend to catch up on things."

"...yeah you are stupid."

"Shut up. I already canceled my plans with that friend because I tend to keep my promise with Riley."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Because she's in the courtyard, she asked me to leave her alone and I don't know if she's crying or not."

"You're an idiot. GO TO HER!" He pushed me all the way into the courtyard.

Riley's POV~

Hearing the dragging of something, I looked up and I see Issac dragging Austin towards me.

"Issac, what are you doing?"

"Riley I have nothing to do with this! He just dragged me here for no reason!" Austin tried to explain as if I would be mad at him.

"I do have a reason. My reason is that I'm tired of you two fighting for the stupidest things. You know that I hate seeing you cry especially when it's for nothing at all. So..."

He took Austin and dropped him in front of me.

"Kiss and make up."

"I thought you hated Austin." I questioned.

"I do."

"Hey!" Austin offensively said as he got up and dust himself off. "How can you hate this?" He somewhat posed.

"That's why."

"Oh well fuck you too."

"No thanks I'm not into that."  

I couldn't help but laugh. "You set yourself up for that one."

"Shut up..."

"I'll leave you two aloonnee.." Issac smirked and left. Goddamnit.

I looked at Austin and then looked away, he sat next to me and turned my chair so that I would face him.

He took my hand into his and said. "Riley, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to forget, I guess I was caught up in the moment; but anyways, I canceled my plans with Kate because I wanted to be with you on our little outing that we're going to have. I love you and you only." He tucked a loose hair behind my ear.

"....okay. I'm sorry too Austin. I didn't mean to burst out like that." I said.

"Don't even worry about it, you're a girl and they do that. It's not a big deal." He smiled.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I pushed him playfully.

"Oh nothinngg..." Austin smirked at him. God, how I want to like... Strangle him and then probably kiss him but mostly strangle him.
Adjustments: Ch 45
:star: Hey look another chapter.
Upload mostly all of them until Ch 50 or so.. (maybe) because this season.. is ENDING

Don't worry.. theres a season two of this.
Riley's POV~

I woke up the next morning from the sound of TV blasting. I cracked my eyes open to see the TV playing spongebob and Austin eating candy.

He looked at me. "Oh hey you're awake."

I sat up groggily. "Hi..." I yawned.

"Want some?"

"'re eating chocolate so early?"

"Early? It's two in the afternoon."

"TWO?! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE UP ME?!" I sprung up.

"Because... You needed sleep?" He shrugged.

"I have to be somewhere today!"

"Oh. Well sorry, I didn't know."

I grabbed my stuff. "Where's issac?"

He pointed to the door, I looked and Issac was standing there.

"Change of plans Riley. I'll reschedule it for another day."

"Are you sure? I was looking forward to it."

"Yeah I'm sure. It can wait." He smiled. I sighed, stressed and exhausted. Issac and Hiroki were planning to take me out in order to strengthen our bond as familiar and mistress. They feel as though it's a must, especially since I live in society and not where a goddess should normally live which is in his or her shrine.

"For what?" Austin asked.

"None of your business."

"Why not?"

"Because it consist of matters that are only for Riley and myself."

"Why are you so serious now? What happened to Issac who used to be so caring towards me and riiii....---ide bikes together?"

"How long have you known Issac Austin?"

"Oh umm... long enough?"

"Well I'm gonna get a snack from the cafeteria."

Austin's POV~

"Okay, we'll be here. Well not like I have a choice."

She smiled at me and left. Issac hit my arm. "Ow! What?"

"Watch what you say.."

"I'm sorry.. She misses me."

"I know she does, but you can't tell her yet."

"Why not?"

"I sense that she's very stressed out with everything that is going on now. She covers it up really well, only I can tell if she's stressed or not."

"Whys that?"

"None of your concern." He sighed. "Another reason why you can't tell her is because she hates you. Not you you, I'm talking about the austy-star you."

"She says she misses me." I said with my heart dropping a little.

"She says that, but she's one to hold a little bit of a grudge. I don't think it's a good idea yet. She hates what you did, who knows how she would react."

I sighed. "When can I tell her then?"

"Honestly... I would say a week or two before you leave."

"That's stupid. It'll be like last time!"

"I don't like it either."

"I'm back!" Riley twirled into the room. She's on a cast still and she can do this.

"I got ice cream for all of us." She handed Issac and I a cup filled with ice cream. She grabbed the remote and turned up the TV, spongebob was on... Again.

"New episodes. BORING." She switched the channel over and over again, she was about to give up until...

"STOP!" Issac yelled. Riley jumped and dropped the remote. The news was on and reporter was discussing the whole thing with me and Evelyn.

"Reports say that Princess Riley was seen storming out of McDonald's after witnessing Austin and his new girlfriend kissing in a booth of the fast food restaurant."

"The princess is at that age of jealousy and relationships isn't she?"

"Seventeen years of age, of course she is."

"I wonder about hers and Austin's relationship. They were seen spending a month and a half at the royal family log cabin in the mountains until they came back rather early due to unknown events."

In the background, they had a slideshow of pictures of me and Riley from a month ago and leading up to the current events.

"Her highness has a cast on doesn't her? I wonder what happened."

Issac turned off the tv and looked at Riley.


"I'm gonna go for a walk around."

"Are you okay?"

She said nothing and walked out of the room.

A few hours later~

Issac went out somewhere. He said something about a garden? I don't know. I wonder where Riley went. I heard the door open and in came Riley... All wet.

"Riley what the hell?"

"I went outside... And forgot to go inside as soon as it started raining." She was trembling.

"You're going to get sick!"


"So?! And your cast is wet!"

She looked down at the dirty and worn out cast on her foot, she groaned and sat down.

"Reach into my bag and grab some clothes."

"Your clothes are too big to fit me. You're tall, I'm small."

"Wear the boxers as regular shorts, it's better than being wet and freezing."

"Fine fine." She dug her hand into the bag and pulled out one of my shirts and pajama pants instead of boxers. She held them up and looks at me.


"Why not? Don't judge!"

She giggled. "I'm not. I just found them adorable."

"Wait, give me my phone. This would be a cute wallpaper." I grinned. She rolled her eyes and tossed my phone to me.


I took the picture of her posing all anime like in my pajama pants. It was so cute. I couldn't help but giggle to myself. "I'm posting this on Twitter."


"Why not?" I grinned.

A few seconds later, her phone rings. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. "You get my tweets to your phone?"

"Shut up!"

Besides her phone ringing, my phone is ringing like crazy. A lot of people are asking about Riley and sending... Um threats.

"Death threats?" She asked.


"I thought so."

I rubbed the back of my neck.  "Don't worry them. They won't hurt you because I say so."

"I know Austin, I know."

Riley's POV~

I stretched and yawned. It's almost time for bed, I didn't want to go home. I wanted to stay with Austin.

He patted the spot on the bed next to him.

"I'm not sleeping with you if that's what you're referring to."

"Why not?"

"Well you're still recovering and I don't want to hurt you."

"Psh, I'm fine."

"Prove it."

He went wide eyed. "Thought so."

"Mean..." He pouted.

"I'll sleep on the couch, it's fine Austin." I smiled. I laid on the couch and closed my eyes, pulling a blanket over me. Austin began singing softly to himself and I ended up falling asleep to it.

Next day~

"Riley wake up." Someone shook me.

"Huh? Wh-what?" I mumbled. I rubbed my eyes and issac was standing there with formal clothing in his hand.

"We have to go. It's Laylia's birthday today remember?"

Laylia is that family friend, whom I call my little cousin, I was talking about while Austin and I were at the mall. Issac and I would go and set up for her birthday party every year. Well actually, we have a bit of making up to do. Last year, we were a bit late and she threw a huge fit and told everyone that we were the worst people in the world because we ruined her birthday. Over dramatic for an eight year old.

"Shit that's right." I grabbed the clothing he held and ran to the bathroom. If I fuck up again this year, she will never let me live it down. I came out all dressed and ready, Austin was awake and looked at me.

"Whoa. Don't you look all fancy, where are you going?" He asked.

"Laylia's birthday. That family friend I was talking about at build a bear."

"Oh it's her birthday today?"

"Well birthday party. Issac and I have to go set up and stay there the entire time."

"Meh. Alright fine, will you come back here?"

"If I'm not tired as all hell then sure."

"Okay." He grinned. I smiled and issac escorted me out of the room.

Two hours later~

"Streamers, balloons, confetti cannon things, noise makers... What else?"

"All the decorations are in check Riley." Issac said.

"I'm just making sure. You know how Laylia is."

"I know, but you worry too much. It'll be fine."

"Rileeeyy!" I heard a little squeaky voice yell. I was tackled by an eight year old.

"Oh hi Laylia." I said.


"Happy birthday, your present on the present table." I smiled. "Now can you get off me?"

"Oh sorry." She got up. "Hi issac."

"Hello Laylia."

"Where's Austin?"


"Yeah! You're dating him aren't you?"

I froze. "Um.. No?"

"Yeah you are! I saw you on the news with him, you two were kissing."

"That's not me.." I looked around the room. "That's another Riley..."

"No it's you silly!"

"No it isn't."

She scoffed. "Alright fine." She ran to join her friends.

I turned to issac. "You think there's going to be people MY age here?"

"Probably. Laylia DOES have an older brother."

That was true. Her brother, Noah is a year younger than me but he hangs with people who are older than him. He's on the football team so I guess that makes sense. I knocked and went into his room. "Hey guys."

"Hey ri. Come here and sit." Noah patted the spot next to him. "What happened to your foot?"

"Um... I fell? Landed badly."

"Ah. Well meet the guys. That's Oliver, that's Nate and Kevin." I'll admit.. They were attractive as hell. Wait Riley... You have a boyfriend who is way more attractive than these guys... In your opinion.

"Damn. You're hot." Nate complimented.

I chuckled awkwardly. "Thanks, but um I have a boyfriend."

"Who is it? Austin Lynx?" They laughed.


"Oh come on Riley, I thought you weren't a fan of his anymore. Besides, he's probably in China or something, there's no way."

"Alright, don't believe me. I don't really care." I slightly smiled. "What are you guys doing?"

"Playing PS4."

"Lemme guess... Dark Souls?"

"No actually, Fallout 4."

"That's a first. Are there any girls MY age here?"

"Nope." Noah said.

"Meh. Alright then, I'll see you guys later. I'll be downstairs."

I left his room and went downstairs. I see Issac on the couch with a girl all over him, trying to flirt with him. He looked very annoyed considering the fact that the girl looks twelve or thirteen. I looked at him and smirked, he rolled his eyes and stood up.

"How long do we have..." He sighed.

"Nine hours."

He groaned.

"You don't have to be here you know. I doubt Laylia will notice if you left."

My phone rang in my pocket. I looked to see who it was, low and behold it was Austin.

"Hi babe." It read

I texted back. "How you doing there?"

"I should be asking you that."

"I'm good just flirting with guys."



"Riley! That's not funneh.."


"Don't do that again."

"I'm just joking Jesus. Well, I gotta go. Text you in a bit."

"Luv youuu." He texted.

"Love you too <3"

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked around the house.

A few hours later~

Laylia's mom, also known as my aunt Cara (family friend), finally announced that it was time for presents. Which means... Issac and I have three more hours until we can go home. Ugh. Help me god... There was a knock on the door, probably a late guest; I went to go answer it and low and behold... My boyfriend is standing right there... Wait. What the fuck?

"Austin? What are you doing here?!"

"I wanted to visit."

"You're suppose to be in the hospital IN BED."

"He made me drive him here." The nurse behind him said very annoyed.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry about him. I'll take care of it from here." I tipped the nurse so she can go back to the hospital. "You had to pick a mean nurse."

"Whaaat? Is it bad that I want to see my girlfriend because I miss her?"

"Only when you get a nurse who was annoyed with you in the first place for pranking her by pouring apple juice in the pee container and then DRINKING it."

"Oh come on, her face was so funny." He grinned.

"She wanted to kill you."

"Riley, can you help me op-" Laylia saw Austin next to me and went wide-eyed. "Y-... Y-... You!"

"Oh hi! You must be the birthday girl."

"You're Austin!" She squealed so high pitched. Ow my ears...

"Ouch, yes I am."

"I knew he was your boyfriend!" She pointed at me.

"Well um.. Surprise!" I chuckled nervously.

"I came by to say happy birthday and also see how Riley is doing." Austin said.

"Thank you! Oh my god this is the best present ever!" Laylia hugged me so hard.

"Laylia... You're... Choking me..." She let me go and I coughed.

"Oh sorry." She took Austin's wheelchair and wheeled him away. "Come on!"

"Wait where are you taking me? Wait! Waitt!"

I just laughed as he gets taken away by a little girl.

"So he showed up huh?" Issac said appearing next to me, scaring me.

"Oh Jesus! Why do you do that!?"

"Why do you get scared when I do that."

"Because you appear out of nowhere!"

He chuckled. I looked up towards the fireplace to see a couple of pictures of me, Noah and Austy-star. God how I miss him, me and him used to come over Noah's house and be whatever our imagination wants us to be. My hand clutched the necklace around my neck, Issac looked at me noticing something was wrong.

"You miss him don't you?"

"How can you tell?"

"You're looking at the photo on the fireplace, you're clutching that necklace Austin got repaired just for you, you're deep in thought and you only get like that when you're thinking about him."


"I know."

"I'm going to the swings outside."

My aunt Sara put up a swing set just for Austin and I when we came over. We were so little that we could both sit on a swing. I swung a little and thought to myself. The Austin right now is so similar to the Austin back then, the way he acts, whenever I say something about him and he responds in a way as if he knew what I mean, he averts his eyes and does not look at me.

"Hey Riley, whatcha doing out here?" Austin said wheeling himself to me.

"Just thinking."


I stayed silent for a moment.



He responded to 'Austy'.

"I-I mean... You're thinking about Austy-star?"

It must be him. How could it not be! "Austin, what is the first thing you think about when you hear ice cream?"

"Chocolate chip cookie dough."

"Dungeons and dragons?"

"Slay the dragon and find the dungeon with the princess."

"Are you austy-star?"


I looked at him. He hesitated, I want to know.
Adjustments: Ch 44
:star: Short and sweet. Was lazy to write the whole title so now it's just.. adjustments.

Remember Austin was injured so that is why he's in the hospital like Riley was not too long ago.

Enjoy c:


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